Diamond Star in the sky

The Largest Diamonds in the Universe – Diamond Stars

When you look into the night sky you see many stars that shine like diamonds, however it’s the stars we cannot really see that are actually diamonds. These diamond stars/planets form when a star becomes a white dwarf. White dwarfs are formed when a red giant runs out of fuel causing it to collapse on itself and become very dim. During this period the star becomes much colder and the carbon crystallizes, forming a diamond. According to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory this is the permanent rest for the star. Stars that have reached this stage shouldn’t be rare in the universe, but because they are so small, cold, and dim it is very difficult to find them.

PSR J1719-1438 is a neutron star and millisecond pulsar. It has a companion named PSR J1719-1438b, which is a planet that has a mass that is nearly the same as Jupiter’s. 1438b was once a star and scientists believe that its outer layers were removed by the larger pulsar. Most of what remained on the planet is composed of primarily carbon so it is mostly a diamond. It would be a diamond that is 5 times larger than the Earth. It lies 4,000 light years away. There is also BPM 37093 which is commonly referred to as Lucy.  It is believed that the core is one of the largest diamonds in the universe. There are more than just these two stars that could be diamonds.