Diamond Cheating Methods

Diamond Cheating

  • Converting colors in diamonds – diamonds are attracted to fats so when you dip inglass of tea it sticks to diamond and becomes a black diamond then wash it off

  • Mixing diamonds, natural lab-grown or Moissanite from an undisclosed sourcebecause no certification is needed for small diamonds under .3 carat, so there is noregulation

  • Replacing your diamond that you bring to check or "selling" you one piece andquickly swapping it. Know your stone, pay attention to them

  • Creating diamonds that have the crown as real and the pavilion is fake, when theyput it in a ring the gemologist only sees the real on top.

Certification Fraud

  • Writing in the belt/girdle that it is a very good diamond and the GIA has to statewhat it says so people get confused and think it’s a very good diamond

  • India – Someone can buy empty GIA certificate templates and fill them in himselfhow he wants, not stating that its lab-grown or natural

  • Caribbean – Send the same diamond in to get several certificates and then replacethe stone. Certificates say it's very good even if fake.