Cleaning Your Diamond

How to clean your diamond?

  • Soap and water

    ★ Mix dish soap + warm water in a bowl.
    – dish soap should be gentle (ideal if it is natural)
    ★ Leave diamond in bowl for about 15 minutes
    ★ Use a clean and soft toothbrush to gently rub the dirt from your diamond.
    ★ Rinse the diamond in cool water.


  • Quick Dip

    ★ Buy a quick dip that is meant for the type of diamond that you own
    (diamond ring, necklace, bracelet etc).
    ★ Quick dips are commercially available solutions designed to quickly clean jewelry.
    ★ Read the instructions for the particular bottle that you buy very.
    ★ Pour some of the dip into a bowl, place your jewelry item in the bowl for the recommended amount of time, remove it and let it dry completely.